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A genome based tracking app that's as unique as man's best friend.


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Art Direction


Editorial Design

Project Management

Owning a dog can be rewarding, but it can also be overwhelming. Unfortunately, we can’t talk to our dogs — or at least, they can’t talk back.

Muttagen is a mobile app that builds a personalized care plan for your lovable mutt based on their genetic profile. With Muttagen, tracking your dog's daily food consumption, excercise and training has never been easier.

Muttagen’s target audience is dog lovers — of beggining and intermediate dog owning experience — who want to understand their dog’s needs better. To better understand their needs, I interviewed several dog owners at my local dog park. I found that their principal concerns were feeding habits, excersize habits, and training their four legged friend. Understanding these specific user needs was vital thoughout the ideation process.

All aspects of the Muttagen app needed to reflect this. First, the app's branding needed to reflect the energy and optimism that characterizes dogs and their enthusiasts.

ellipse magazine is the combined efforts of thirty-four creatives from RIT’s College of Art and Design. I was one of two creative directors elected by this group.

Our first task was the conceptual and visual development of the magazine. We talked about what was important to us. What we like and don’t like about magazines. And where we saw the future of publications going.

Our vision for ellipse was a magazine about our shared future—a future that we will into existence with every step we take. We would deliberately eschew expectations of what a magazine should be. We would create the magazine sustainably and collaboratively. And it would be larger than a simple print magazine, with interactivity and experience considered as a fundamental element of how we tell our story.


As I began to narrow down the look of the brand, I realized that a one-size fits all branding approach wouldn't capture the feel of the brand. I began to develop a system of dynamic branding with variable logos. Every user profile would be unique, in the same way that every mixed breed is unique.

When developing the logo systems, I had to be cognizant of keeping visual elements similar while also making the marks visually distinct. The stroke weight, eye size, nose position, and tongue length were all kept consistent. The other elements, like eye position and jowl size were made to be variable.

Adding color to the marks gave the variable logos more variation. I chose a color scheme that was energetic, bright, and warm.


The friendliness and simplicity implied in Muttagen’s branding also had to come through in the app’s structure. The app is deliberately simple and easy to navigate, as to accommodate a wider range of users.


These are Muttagen’s main screens. The monitoring screen allows you to quickly check if your dog’s needs are being met or not, and how much you need to still do for your dog. The informational screen lets you know the your dog’s breed makeup and rationale for your dog’s care plan. You’re also able to swipe to other profiles, in case the user has multiple dogs.


These are the Muttagen's add screens. There is an add screen for food, excercise, and training. Many tracking apps allow the user to control the amount they are entering, but as Muttagen provides you with a specific care plan, this is not a feature here.


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